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The technological revolution –
Impact on pharmacy and health care

Venue: FIBES Sevilla

The 2022 FIP congress will show us that the technological revolution is posing new challenges in all areas. Comprehensive and seamless patient care can be a reality if the possibilities offered by new technologies are exploited to improve quality, efficiency, accessibility and communication in a patient’s health care journey.

Topic A

Enabling change — Is your country ready?

We will focus on change in both developed and developing countries, education, workforce, advocacy, regulation and the cost of change.

Topic B

Passion for pharmacy innovation

We will look at scientific and technological innovations occurring around the world and how to adapt to and exploit these advances in pharmacy.

Topic C

From children’s health to healthy ageing — Impact of technologies on quality of life.

The foundations for lifelong good health are best laid in childhood. We will explore how to do that together with the many possibilities for healthy ageing.

Topic D

Targeting special interests

We will offer sessions catering for special interests in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.