Seville 2022

Pharmacy in Spain

In Spain, 74,043 pharmacists are registered members of the 52 Provincial Pharmacists’ Chambers, 71.6% of whom are women and 45.5% of whom are under 44 years years old. The vast majority of pharmacists, 87.1% of those who are active (51,959 pharmacists) work in one of the 22,071 community pharmacies, from which many of them also carry out work regarding the field of food, dermatology or orthopaedics.

Other significant professional fields stand out, such as Clinical Analysis and Hospital Pharmacy, with around 2,000 registered pharmacists each, Pharmaceutical Industry and Distribution, Optics and Acoustics, Public Health and Teaching and Research. Due to their multidisciplinary training, the university graduates in pharmacy have one of the highest percentages of employment in Social Security upon completion of their studies.

There is a wide network of community pharmacies in Spain: 22,071 independent community pharmacies are interconnected at regional level by means of electronic prescribing systems.

Pharmacies are located according to a planning system, ensuring equitable access to medicines and to professional pharmacist services for the whole population.

Some 18,312 students from all over the world are trained in one of the 20 pharmacy faculties in Spain, with around 2,500 graduating each year.

The 2022 FIP congress will show us that the technological revolution is posing new challenges in all areas. Comprehensive and seamless patient care can be a reality if the possibilities offered by new technologies are exploited to improve quality, efficiency, accessibility and communication in a patient’s health care journey.