AIM - FIP AIM Global Academic Leaders Forum’s World Café


Organised by FIP Academic Institutional Membership


Prof. Ralph Altiere (FIPEd Chair, USA)
Prof. Toyin Tofade (AcPS Chair, AIM Advisory Committee Member, USA)


The World Café offers current and future AIM members the opportunity to engage with and learn from colleagues at small group roundtable discussions around topics of critical importance to them selected from AIM activities & projects and members’ needs. This approach offers more in-depth exploration, detailed discussion, problem-solving and critical thinking about challenges and possibilities in academic pharmacy followed by Q&A to World Café co-chairs.

Attendees move from one topic to another, allowing attendees to engage in two or three topic areas, learn from others, and provide their insights into the challenges facing academic leaders and form connections with colleagues for continued collaborations after the Congress.

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09:00 – 09.05   Opening speech by Prof. Pierre Moreau, FIP AIM Chair
09:05 – 09:10   Introduction by session chairs
09:10  – 09:55  

Facilitated table discussions
AIM Advisory Committee members will be assigned to each table as rapporteurs & facilitators.

There are three topics for discussion. Each table will be required to discuss at least two topics of their choosing and may discuss all three if they wish, in any order, i.e., not necessarily in the order presented below.

• How can FIP AIM network help bridge the gaps between academic institutions from countries that have different development needs?
• What are practical leadership skills or advice that can help you (1) build effective teams, (2) develop challenging but feasible strategies, and (3) create best business models for your institution?
• How can academic leadership develop and implement effective strategies to address healthcare needs- for example patient safety, prevention, NCDs, Primary Health Care?

09:55 – 10:25   Presentations from groups, Q&A, wrap up and conclusions by the co-chairs
10:25 – 10:30   FIP AIM Chair, Pierre Moreau to announce the FIP AIM Chair-Elect

Learning Objectives

1. Develop collaborations or partnerships with other AIM schools to advance pharmacy education.
2. Discuss practical leadership skills to address common challenges.
3. List innovative ways to address leadership issues from colleagues around the world.

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